Believing and achieving, together
Believing and achieving, together

Here are a selection of comments from people who have worked with me

"Coaching with David has been a very powerful experience.  David helped me focus on what I actually wanted (which was different from what I first thought it was) and helped me work out how I could get there.  He supported me through a decision I had to make to enable me to achieve my goal.  I cannot recommend him enough.  Thank you David."


"David helped me clarify what I wanted to do after finishing my masters.  I was deliberating on whether I wanted to set up my own business.  He helped me plan what type of business I wanted and really got me to think about what it was I wanted to achieve.  His questions really helped me work out what was important to me.  In the end I decided not to set my own business because I realized that I already had the elements in my life that I needed.  I just needed to make a few tweaks.   Without David’s support and insightful questions I don't think I would have come to that conclusion so quickly.  Many thanks matey."

Dee, Norwich Mark, London
"Thank you for your thought provoking presentation on self-esteem.  I know members of the group got a lot out of the session.  As you witnessed yourself it enable someone to talk about how they were feeling for the first time in this forum.  It also promoted good discussion too.  As a support group it is important that people feel able to share how they are feeling and gain support from each other.  Your presentation certainly achieved this.  Thank you for your time.  Hope you see you again next year on a different topic?" "I approached David to work with my team and me as I already had worked with him before and admired his approach with people and his knowledge of coaching.  We agreed some initial goals and how we would work together.  He met individually with all the team members to understand their experience of the team and reflected these insights back to us in a safe non-threatening manner as a team.  We then decided on what we wanted to work on over our remaining sessions together.  By the end of the sessions, we had devised a team charter about how we would behave with each other and our stakeholders.  Team members also reported feeling more able to challenge fellow team members and seek feedback for work undertaken.  Personally I had noticed how the team now communicate in a much more open manner than before David started working with us."
Lucy, Eastbourne Jane, Brighton
"David made me feel comfort from the very start. I always felt he was really listening to me and i really valued the coaching space to explore different options and strategies.  He also held me to account for my agreed actions which sometimes I definetly needed." "Thank you for a brilliant team building session yesterday.  The team is all excited talking about what happened yesterday and are already joking about holding each other to account about their behaviour.  Some team members have informed me that they have stuck the personal cycle of change handout on their fridges at home to remind them of where they are in the change curve.  Long serving colleagues have also told me it was the best team development day they had had in 20 years – high praise indeed!   Thank you once again and we hope to be working with you again in the future (funds permitting)."
Sarah, Cambridge Anthony, Leeds


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